Dr. Anissa Rahman

The First Doctor Specializing
in Caring for Caregivers

You’re Taking Care of


who’s taking care of


If you’re the primary caregiver for parents or other loved ones,
I bet I know a few things about you, even though we’ve never met….

How many of these apply to you?

If any of these describe you, I want to look you right in the eye with a warm, compassionate smile and tell you, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

I’m Dr. Anissa Rahman, and I’m the first
doctor specializing in caring for caregivers.

I’m here to guide you to a more balanced, healthier, more nourishing way to care for yourself while you care for your elders. This way will lead to both a better quality of caring for your loved ones and a better quality of caring for you.

With the Right Care for You,

This is What’s Possible….

Ready to Turn These Possibilities

Into REALITIES In the NEXT 6 Months?

I want to get you on a video call, listen to exactly your situation, and give you my personalized suggestions for how to transform your caregiving life from DRAINING to SUSTAINING and from CRAPPY to HAPPY.

It’s possible for you, but the most important thing is that you feel safe to share vulnerably about what’s going on for you. I know you might be experiencing some shame and guilt around all of it—but I’m here to create the safe, nurturing, welcoming place where you can feel heard, understood, and affirmed.

In our private, one-on-one, 1-hour session, you’re going to come away feeling energized, clear, and, most importantly, HOPEFUL about your path forward.

You may wonder how we’re going to get from your current Point A (deprivation) to your desired Point B (celebration!). We’re going to get into all that when we’re “face to face” on the video call.

But right now, the crucial thing for you is to just get on the call with me. Let’s do this together.

In my medical practice, I normally charge $875 per hour for medical consultations.
But because I care so much about caregivers like you, I’m offering this introductory Caregiver Clarity Call for just $250.

Your new life awaits you. What are YOU waiting for? Let’s begin your journey toward your new relationship with caregiving today.

Your elders deserve it. Your partner and/or children deserve it. And most of all, YOU deserve it.

Transformational Healing…

from your Doctor?

Hi there. I’m Dr. Anissa Rahman, and I’m a Functional Medicine Doctor devoted to helping you create optimum health and well-being.

I began my journey as a board-certified physician with extensive training in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, natural medicine, and hospice and palliative medicine.

After spending a decade in conventional medicine, I realized my true passion was in developing meaningful relationships with the people I serve in order to help create true and lasting changes and transformations in my patients’ lives.

When you step into your healthiest self, you are expressing
your true power as a human being.

The dirty little secret is that you are perfect, whole, and
complete just as you are.

My mission is to help you harness your inner healer so you can live with greater vitality and live without DIS-ease.

Real Clients.

Real Healing.

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